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"My Rite aid had clearance covergirl (75% off) make-up that qualified for the buy 3 get $10 back. Several of the mono eyeshadow (1.57), 4 pack eyeshadow (1.74) and the clean liquid foundation (2.32). The coupons from coupons.com did not work, but the one on shopmium went through just fine." - Dan Do

"Anyone buy any clearance scunci to see if it gives the BC this week?" - charolyn
"If items ring up blue color in keypad instead of black then they are included in BC deal. I bought 6 clearance ones and they all worked." - Sheryl

"Today--lots of 75% clearance: Nivea chap stick--1.39, Gillette skin guard razor 3.37, and 2 Quattro lavendar womans disposable razors--3.24 each, buying two my $4 L2 coupon attached. Lots of various vitamins, and cold products. Other chap sticks. At my store together in one of the aisles, have noted in general lately, more likely to be here than the usual endcap." - charolyn

"Recently I have found adult crest toothpaste (regular price 8.49-9.49) on clearance, and very recently was 75% off (although still marked 50%), and there are $4/1 L2 coupons (read carefully to make sure the types match). If 75% off, buy 2 and it works as long as the total is over $4." - charolyn

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