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may 2022 rite aid deals rite aid clearance

25% off on riteaid.com wyb rite aid brand

25% off when you buy at least one rite aid brand item on riteaid.com
use code:

exp unknown
valid as of 05/15/22

may deals 04/24-05/28

only available at locations with catalina printers!

advil allergy , alavert , allegra , boiron , claritin , flonase , genexa , hyland's , nasacort , nasalcrom , xyzal , & zyrtec allergy products $9.98+ get $3 oyno wyb 2 04/03-05/31

may 2022 clearance

walgreens clearance please share your rite aid clearance finds in the comments section
clearance may vary from store to store

riteaid.com promo codes

Free Shipping on orders $34.99+

rite aid rewards

"Rite Aid Rewards"
new version of rite aid loyalty program
starting 02/27/22

free N95 masks

as early as 01/23/22, free N95 masks will be available at participating pharmacies and retailers including rite aid!

2022 rebates

rite aid face covering policy

face coverings no longer required

As of 07/04/21 rite aid has updated its masking policy, allowing fully vaccinated customers to shop without wearing a face covering, unless otherwise mandated by local government officials.

unvaccinated individuals are asked to continue to wear a face covering while in rite aid stores. If a customer does not have a face covering, Rite Aid will provide one free of charge.

covid-19 vaccine available in rite aid stores

COVID-19 vaccines are available at rite aid locations

vaccine eligibility varies, according to state guidelines
check your eligibilty here

if you are eligible for a covid-19 vaccine
Complete a short eligibility screening, & find any available appointments in your area.

Check back for additional locations and appointments as they become available.

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