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catalina didn't print?

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catalina didn't print?
contact catalina to request your catalina coupon:

use webform
or call 888-826-8766
or email ncsc@catalinamarketing.com or coupon@catalinamarketing.com

Requests must be submitted by the offer expiration date or within 3 days of purchase, whichever is earlier.

catalina will need some info from your receipt and about the offer:
- Store Name and Number, Address, & Telephone Number
- Date and Time of Purchase
- Loyalty/Frequent Shopper Card Number or Walgreens only – RFN number (If required for promotion)
- Promotion advertised (ex. Spend $100 and receive $5 off your next order)

catalina will check if the machine was working, if you bought the right products, etc.

You should be notified via email or phone when your request is approved, denied, or if more information is needed.

You should receive an email when your request has been sent to the Fulfillment Department for processing.

Validation is typically completed within 2 business days. if approved, processing/mailing is typically completed within 2 business days of validation. Once mailed, you should receive your replacement catalina coupon within 10 business days.

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