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rite aid clearance

"They've posted some new clearance in the cleaning supplies aisle. 50-75% off. Some 32ozish purple Fabuloso and the 10oz (8oz now?) Palmoilives both on 75% off which may work on the spend $10 get $5 if your store has any of these items actually in stock." - storewanderer

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"75% off Cremo items--$3 L2 and gave $3 BC!" - charolyn
"$2/1 Ibotta also. If you buy 2 you will get $5 on Ibotta ($2 for each item and a $1 bonus for buying 2 in the sane transaction) The offer has reset 3 times for me already. Offer resets after 24 hours." - Daniel

"Various Dollar Shave club items are popping up on clearance. One store 0 on clearance, another had them on the shelf with the yellow clearance tags on about 4 items. The wipes at 2.09 was the best price I saw and both clearance items I got worked fine with the Father's Day American Greetings combo deal. DSC -3.50 and A.G. -4 worked fine as well in the deal." - hansenwt

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