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october wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 10/03/18 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
just for wellness65+ members
valid 10/03/18 only!
look for coupons in store 10am-2pm, while supplies last

accurelief tens devices $20 off

always discreet liners or pads $2 off

biotene $3 off

depends $5 off

dulcolax tablets 25 ct or suppositories 4 ct $3 off

emergen-c immunity 30 ct $4 off

ensure max or enlive $2 off

foster grant reading glasses $5 off 2

klondike multi pks $1 off

lipton tea 40/50 ct $2 off

nabisco wheat thins, good thins, or triscuit $1 off 2

orgain organic nutritional shakes 4 pk $2 off

painbloc24 .5 oz $5 off
reg psa $9.99!

paradontax toothpaste $2 off

polident or poligrip $2 off
excludes trial

rite aid acetaminophen arthritis pain relief 225 ct $5 off

rite aid artificial tears 30 ct $4 off

rite aid bladder control pads 30- 54 ct $5 off
excludes 45 ct

rite aid dry mouth discs 40 ct $4 off

rite aid laxative relief 29.5 oz $6 off

rite aid or b4y toothpaste $2 off

robitussin honey dm 4 oz $2 off

sensodyne or pronamel toothpaste $2 off

systane complete $5 off

twizzlers , reese's , york , & werther's sugar free candy $1.50 off

zantac maximum strength 150 mg 24 ct or regular strength 75 mg 30 ct $3 off

thanks and credit to ladybugpam for coupon photos!

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