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08/19 my trip today

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profit: $3.14

i bought:
    l'oreal root rescue $6.99
    veet $5.84 ($6.49 - 10% discount)
    Sea Breeze Deep Cleaning Skin Astringent 16 oz bottle advertised as "60% more" $4.76 ($5.29 - 10% discount)
    st. ives bodywash $3.99
    st. ives bodywash $0 (bogo sale)
    C. Booth walnut shell body scrub & cleanser $5.39 ($5.99 - 10% discount)

used coupons:=$.97 + $1.89 tax

paid with:
    $2 +up rewards
    $.86 oop
    $2 +up l'oreal root rescue
    $1 +up Sea Breeze Deep Cleaning Skin Astringent 7/25-8/28
will receive:
    $3 scr #68 Sea Breeze Deep Cleaning Skin Astringent 10 oz 7/25-8/08

♥ $2.86 spent - $3 +up - $3 scr = $3.14 profit ♥

wellness silver+ discount - after earning 500 points wellness+ cardholders receive 10% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
notes:the sea breeze is on sale for $4.99, but since the 10% off was a better deal the system gave me that.

woah! i just realized that when i used my $2 +up rewards,it made my subtotal negative and paid part of my tax! it never worked that way before, it would just be rejected by the register (and then come up already used when i tried to use it next time.) it was a +up from c.booth, which i believe is a rite aid brand. so maybe it worked differently because the system sees it as a store coupon? but it says man. coupon on my receipt... i don't know but this is an interesting development.

oh, forgot to mention that without the 10% discount, this transaction would give you a profit of $3.55 less tax.

update 8/25: the C. Booth walnut shell body scrub & cleanser now shows as qualifying towards scr #76 (but the kit i bought on 8/17 also qualified and fullfilled the limit of one rebate.)

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