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08/17 my trip today

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profit: $2.69

i bought:
    AMO Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz $7.99
    veet $5.84 ($6.49 - 10% discount)
    C. Booth derma Skin Care trial/travel size daily skin care $11.69 ($12.99 - 10% discount)

used coupons:=$8.52 + $.78 tax

paid with:
    $4 +up rewards
    $5.30 oop
    $2 +up c. booth derma
will receive:
♥ $9.30 spent - $2 +up - $9.99 scr = $2.69 profit ♥

wellness silver+ discount - after earning 500 points wellness+ cardholders receive 10% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
notes:woo hoo! finally made it to 500 points. i am curious how many of you are getting a 10 or 20% discount... please answer the poll below!

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without the 10% discount, your profit on this transaction would be $1.52 (less tax.)

update 8/19: the c. booth kit i bought did not clear for the rebate. i sent rite aid an email, but for now i will change this transaction to $.69 profit instead of $2.69 profit. will update if they reply or change my rebate status.

update 8/25: on 8/20 i got an email from rite aid, saying "We apologize for any inconvenience, but the item does not show up with a rebate on the receipts submitted." they requested that i mail or fax my receipt, which i did not bother doing. but today when i logged into my account i found that both the kit and the C. Booth walnut shell body scrub & cleanser i bought on 8/19 are both showing as qualiyfing for the $2 scr #76. (limit is one $2 rebate.) they probably received enough complaints that they programmed any skin care in as qualifying, so check your accounts if you bought any!

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