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07/21 my trip today

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profit: $11.82

i bought:
    olay daily facials deep cleansing cleansing cloths 30 ct $6.49
    olay daily facials deep cleansing cleansing cloths 30 ct $6.49
    zegerid 14 ct $10
subtotal $22.98

used coupons:=$2.49 + $.69 tax

paid :
    $3.18 oop
will receive:
♥ $3.18 oop - $15 scr earned = $11.82 profit ♥

notes:i just realized today that the skin care rebate is ending this week and it would be silly of me not to spend at least $7.55 more to get a $15 gc! if i decide to, i could spend another $19.57 to reach $50 in skin care and receive a $30 gc instead.

if you check the online directory, olay regenerist skin care is listed. however, it was confirmed by cmm4chris on slickdeals that these cleansing wipes also qualify for the rebate!

i didn't get the +up reward for zegerid, but i didn't expect to since it has been reported to be limited by wellness card. using the 3 coupons on it, it only cost me $1, so it was still a great way to get my total up to $20 so i could use my $5 off $20 coupon.

if you didn't see my earlier comment, some of the +up deals are limited to 1 of each deal on the same wellness card this week.

at first there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to why some deals were limited and some weren't, but it looks like the deals w/ in-ad coupons are the ones limited to 1 per card. the in-ad coupons do say "limit 1 per customer" but the rite aid in-ad coupons have always said that, and i must admit i assumed that limit was only referring to use of the coupon. even if you do the deal without the coupon, your +up rewards will still be limited. (now some people were able to do these deals twice, but i think those people did the transactions back to back - not giving the system enough time to update that they had already reached their limit.)

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