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07/20 my trip today

profit: $15

i bought:
    Colonaide 14 day program $22.99
    Dulcolax balance 8.3 oz $9.99
subtotal $32.98

used coupons:=$22.98

paid with:
    $9 +up rewards
    $13.98 oop
will receive:
    $22.99 scr #17 Colonaide 14 day program 07/18-07/24
    $9.99 scr #18 Dulcolax balance 8.3 oz 07/18-07/24
    $5 hangtag MIR reported extended to september 2010

♥ $22.98 spent - $32.98 scr earned - $5 mir = $15 profit ♥

notes:if you didn't see my earlier comment, the +up deals seem to be limited to 1 of each deal on the same wellness card this week. this might be an error on rite aid's part because there are reports that the customer service reps say the deals will be limited starting 8/01, so you may be able to get +up's that don't print mailed to you. but if you don't want the hassle, stick to doing one of each deal only!