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"Rite Aid Rewards"
new version of rite aid loyalty program
starting 02/27/22

earn bonus cash on promoted items
in-store & on riteaid.com / rite aid app
available to spend on rite aid purchases 6 am ET the next day
bonus cash cannot be used on pick-up orders
bonus cash expires in 30 days

earn 10 points ($.02) per $1 spent
in-store & on riteaid.com / rite aid app
calculated based on purchase price minus coupons, discounts, and before taxes, shipping costs, or other fees
points expire in 90 days
point earnings exclude tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets, gift cards, licenses, money orders, money transfers, newspapers, stamps, other mail services, dairy, controlled substance prescriptions, prescriptions in NY or NJ, other items prohibited by law, or for the payment of prescription copays, tax, delivery, or shipping costs.

convert points to bonus cash through RiteAid.com / Rite Aid app
1000 points = $2 bonus cash
2000 points = $4 bonus cash
3000 points = $6 bonus cash

a maximum of 3000 points ($6) may be converted per day
converted bonus cash is available to spend on rite aid purchases 6 am ET the next day
bonus cash expires 30 days after converted

Rite Aid Rewards 65+
seniors 65+ get 5x points (10% of spending) on 1st wed of each month
bonus cash challenges
earn points by purchasing certain items or brands over each month
select the challenges you want to “take on” and track your progress through bonuspointschallenges.com or Rite Aid app.
challenges available vary by customer
see a detailed list of participating products for each challenge by clicking on the information details button or use your camera to scan the product barcode and see if it is included
BonusCash Challenges progress will be updated within 24-48 hours
Points earned will be available within 5 days of the end of the challenge period.

get 250 points ($.50) for 30 day rx
get 750 points ($1.50) for 31+ day rx
get 10 points ($.02) per $1 spent on co-pay on government-funded rx (limit 250 points per rx, Available only in certain states)
pharmacy services are limited to 37,500 points ($75) annually and are not available in NY, NJ or where otherwise prohibited by law.
limit of 7500 points ($15) per any pharmacy services transaction

get 250 Points ($.50) per immunization
available only in certain states; does not apply to COVID-19 vaccines

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