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bonus cash challenges

bonus cash challenges
earn bonus cash for selected challenges

in-store and on riteaid.com
complete challenges by 09/15/20
bonus cash earned will be issued to your account on 09/20

Select up to 10 of 20 Challenges on bonuscashchallenges.com
BonusCash Challenges are based on prior purchase behavior and will vary by customer

You can change your selected Challenges any time before you've made a qualifying purchase.
Once you have started to accumulate purchases on one of your Challenges, you can no longer de-select that Challenge.

check qualifying purchases for each BonusCash Challenge by clicking on the “i DETAILS” button
Progress on each of your Challenges can be tracked on bonuscashchallenges.com. It will not be available on your receipt.
there may be up to a 48-hour delay before your purchases are reflected on bonuscashchallenges.com.