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march wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 03/04/20 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
look for coupons in store 10am-2pm
just for wellness65+ members, while supplies last
valid 03/04/20 only!

aleve 200 ct+ $3 off

aspercreme pain, foot pain, or diabetic foot pain product $2 off
-$2.50 off 2 Aspercreme Products, exp 03/07/20 (02/23/20 ss)
-$1 Aspercreme Product, exp 03/07/20 (02/23/20 ss)

bayer aspirin 300 ct $3 off

betadine spray 3 oz or solution 8 oz $7 off
spray 3 oz reg psa $9.99, $7.99 gold!
-$2 betadine cream or spray

compeed blister 10 ct $5 off

fungi nail toe/foot pen or ointment $6 off

kleenex 45/65/144 ct or hand and face wipes 20-24 ct $1 off
-$1 Kleenex Facial Tissue One Bundle Pack or Three Boxes, exp 03/22/20 (02/23/20 ss)
-$.50 Kleenex Wet Wipes, exp 03/22/20 (02/23/20 ss)

max freeze roll-on or pro gel $5 off

miralax 14 dose or 10 ct mix-in packs $3 off

one a day men's or women's 200 ct $3 off

pamprin 20-40 ct $4 off

rite aid briefs 22/26 ct $7 off

rite aid dry mouth discs 40 ct $4 off

rite aid dry mouth mouthwash 16 oz or dry mouth spray $2 off

rite aid super soft interdental picks 80 ct $2 off

salonpas hot patch 3 ct $3 off

tena overnight pads 45 ct $5 off
-$4 tena select (03/01/20 inserts)
-$2 tena select (03/01/20 inserts)

twizzler , reese's , york , or werther's sugar free candy $2 off

vh essentials vaginal odor treatment 6 ct $5 off

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