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july wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 07/03/19 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
look for coupons in store 10am-2pm
just for wellness65+ members, while supplies last
valid 07/03/19 only!

advil 160 ct+ or pm 120 ct+ $4 off

aquaphor ointment spray 3.7 oz $3 off

centrum silver 100-125 ct, 50+ gummy, omega, or probiotic $4 off

daylogic nail polish remover strength or regular 10 oz $1 off

gold bond ultimate dark spot minimizing 2 oz, neck and chest firming 2 oz, or rough and bumpy 6 oz $3 off

mitchum men's or women's $3 off

neutrogena age shield spf 110 $4 off

neutrogena healthy skin anti-wrinkle cream original formula spf15 $7 off

porcelena day or night cream 3 oz $3.50 off

pupperoni , milk bone , meaty bone , canine carry out , milo's kitchen dog treats , or meow mix cat treats $6 off

renew life women's care 25b 50 ct or extra care 50b 30 ct $10 off

rite aid dry mouth mouthwash 16 oz or dry mouth spray 1.5 oz $2 off

rite aid super soft interdental picks 80 ct $2 off

twizzler , reese's , york , or werther's sugar free candy $2 off

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