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june wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 06/05/19 only

wellness+ wednesday coupons
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valid 06/05/19 only!

Band-Aid Brand Hydroseal Bandages $1 off

Biscoff Family Pack Cookies $2 off

dl Pill Box $3 off

Gold Bond First Aid Lidocaine Cream 1.75 oz or Itch Relief Spray 2 oz $3 off

Potentisimo 90 ct $20 off

Rainbow Light Women's or Men's One Multivitamin $6.50 off

renew Life Women's Care 25B 50 CT or Extra Care 50B 30 ct $10 off

Rite Aid Artificial Tears 30 ct $2 off

Rite Aid Dry Mouth Lozenges 30 ct $2 off

Rite Aid Lens Cleaner Wipes 80 ct $2 off

Werther's or Riesen Candy Bags 2.75-5.5 oz $1.50 off

thanks and credit to 1966vietnam1967 for coupon info
thanks and credit to Ravi Patel (patel7ravi7) for coupon photo