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june wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 06/06/18 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
just for wellness65+ members
valid 06/06/18 only!
look for coupons in store 10am-2pm, while supplies last

Belvita Grocery Pack $1 off

Cadbury Candy Bars 3.5-4 oz $1.50 off

Centrum Silver 100-125 ct or 50+ Omega or Probiotic $4 off

Daylogic Easy Grip Implement $5 off

Depend $5 off

Dulcolax 100 ct $6 off

Ensure Max $3 off

Icy Hot Smart Relief Kit $10 off

Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies 7.5 oz $1 off

Lotrimin Ultra 30 g $10 off

Lumify 2.5 or 7.5 ml $1 off

Mitchum for men or women $3 off

Nasacort 60 sprays $5 off

Neuro 14 oz $1 off

Ocuvite adult 50+ 90 ct $10 off

Orgain nutritional shakes 4 pk $2 off
    -$1.50 wyb Orgain® Organic Nutrition Shake for any variety, 4 ct. pack only, limit 3. Expires July 1, 2018 2:59 AM ibotta offer (offers & exp may vary by user)

Osteo Bi-Flex pain-relieving cream 2.5 oz $3 off

rite aid Blister Heel Cushions 5 ct $1.50 off

rite aid Dry Mouth Lozenges 30 ct $2 off

rite aid First Aid Ointment Cream .5 oz $2 off

rite aid Premium Upper Arm blood pressure Monitor $20 off

Tena Pads or Underwear $5 off

WartStick $4 off

Zantac 65-80 ct $6 off

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