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october wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 10/04/17 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
just for wellness65+ members
valid 10/04/17 only!
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alka-seltzer plus sore throat quick dissolve melts $4 off

big win large fruit canisters 13-18 oz $2 off

biotene $3 off

covergirl vitalist liquid makeup $2 off

great call lively medical device $10 off

nature made super b complex 140 ct $4 off

nivea body lotion 13.5 oz+ or creme 6.8 oz+ $3.50 off

paradontax toothpaste $2 off

polident or poligrip (ets) $2 off

post great grains cereal $2.50 off

preservision areds 2 90 ct $10 off

rhinocort allergy 60-120 sprays $10 off

rite aid balanced nutritional drinks 6 pk or powder $3 off

rite aid bladder control pads 30-54 ct (excludes 45 ct) $5 off

rite aid denture tablets 84-120 ct $2 off

rite aid laxative relief 29.9 oz $6 off

sensodyne or pronamel toothpaste (ets) $2 off

v8 vegetable juice 46 oz or 6 pk $2 off

zantac 75 30 ct, zantac 150 24 ct, or zantac cool mint 24 ct $3 off

get 700 pts ($7) wyb $15 limit 2:

    beano tablets 100 ct $5 off

    clear eyes pure relief $5 off

    debrox ear care $2 off

    ecotrin $2 off

    efferdent tabs 90-126 ct $3 off

    phazyme 24 ct $3 off

    tagamet acid reducer 30 ct $5 off

    uristat urinary tabs $2 off

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