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june wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 06/01/16 only

wellness+ wednesday coupons
valid 06/01/16 only!
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    bausch + lomb preservision areds 2 12 ct $10 off

    dove fruit bagged chocolates $2 off

    dreamhouse premium nuts $3 off

    duracell hearing aid batteries 24 ct $6 off
    limit 1 pk

    nature valley 6 pk $2 off
    excludes oats & honey 2 bar

    nexium tablets or caplets 14 ct $4 off

    procure bruise remedy $5 off

    refresh optive advanced pres. free 30 ct, optive advanced 10 ml, or optive gel 10 ml $5 off

    systane day & night combo value pk $10 off

thanks and credit to val for images and info!