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load2card for +up rewards

it seems that paper +ups stopped printing in more areas today, switching to to the load2card system instead.

most couponers are not happy with this system because it gives us limited control over what +ups are redeemed. apparently, once your card is scanned +ups loaded to your card will automatically be applied before you have a chance to use your paper man. or store coupons. if your balance is too low once the +up rewards are applied, you lose the chance to use your other coupons! (if your store will allow it, you can get around this by not having your card scanned until after your coupons have been deducted)

the good news is that you can opt out and continue to receive paper +ups!
you may opt out through customer service or at your store. your store should have instructions about how to do this, but if not the following may be useful...

load2card +ups opt out instructions from memo #SOS-62:

  • Press "shift + esc" on the register keypad, then click on the "start" button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

  • Select "+ups option" from the start menu, scan the customer's wellness card (or enter the customer's card number or phone number) and press "submit"

  • once a card is found or selected the register will redirect to the update screen

  • the customer's current option will be displayed and may be changed by presing the button next to the appropriate delivery choice and pressing submit.
    delivery choice [x]PRINT or [ ]LOAD@CARD

  • changes are now saved and paper +ups will be issued on future purchases. according to rite aid it may take up to 48 hours for the update to take effect, but some have reported receiving paper +ups almost immediately after opting out.

load2card +up system

  • +UP Rewards are no longer printed on receipts. instead they are automatically loaded to wellness+ cards

  • your receipt will include a statement that your +up rewards will be loaded to your card. +ups earned can also be viewed by logging into load2card

  • +UPs cannot be used until 6 a.m. the day after they were earned and are valid for 14 days

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