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wellness+ diabetes 04/04 - 07/31

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Allow up to 5 days after enrollment for benefits including +UP offers to be activated.

get $10 +up wyb $50:
Registration for wellness+ for diabetes is required. Purchases must be made between 4/4/12 - 7/31/12. A $10 +Up Reward will print on your Rite Aid receipt when you reach your $50 purchase requirement.
    Advil Tablets and Caplets 100 ct

    Altoids Smalls Sugarfree Mints 50 ct tin

    bayer A1C Selfcheck test kit

    Bayer Low Dose 200/300 ct

    bayer Breeze 2 Meter

    bayer contour meter

    bayer contour usb meter

    Colgate Total advanced Gum Defense 5.8 oz

    DEX 4 Bits and Liquid

    Diabetic Tussin Max 4 oz

    DiabetiDerm AntiFungal

    DiabetiDerm Foot Cream

    Eclipse Multipack Gum 36 ct

    Freedent 15 ct

    LifeSavers Sugarfree Bags 2.75 oz

    Multibetic Vitamins

    Nature Made Diabetes Health 30 ct

    Nature Made Vitamin D 400IU 90+10 ct

    Nature Made Women’s Multi Vitamin 50+90 ct

    Rite Aid Glucose Tablets and Lancets

    Russell Stover Sugar Free candy

    Wrigley’s Extra, Orbit and 5, Single and Multipack Gums

    Zostrix Diabetic Foot