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allergy coupon book - exp 06/15/12

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look for this book of rite aid coupons in stores
all coupons start with "49" and exp 06/15/12

    Alavert 48 ct or Alavert D 12 ct $3 off

    Alka Seltzer Plus Allergy 24/48 ct $1 off

    Allegra 10-30 ct or Allegra D 10-20 ct $2 off

    Allegra 45-70 ct or Allegra D 30 ct $5 off

    Allergy Buster $1 off

    BioTrue 10 oz $1 off

    boiron Chestal Cough & Cold $1 off

    boiron Coldcalm $1 off

    boiron Oscillococcinum $1 off

    Breathe Right Nasal Strips $1 off

    Claritin Children's $1 off

    Clear Eyes Itchy Eye Relief 1 oz $1 off

    Eucerin Calming $2 off

    Halls Cough Drops $.25 off

    Kleenex Family Size or Bundle Pack $1 off

    Mucinex $1 off

    Nostrilla 12-Hour Spray $1 off

    Ocean Nasal Spray $1 off

    Revitalens Solution 10 oz $2 off

    Rohto Drops $1 off

    Similasan Allergy Eyes $1 off

    Tavist $1 off

    Zicam Allergy, Sinus, or Extreme Congestion $1 off

    Zyrtec 12 ct or larger $2 off

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