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03/11 my trip today: l'oreal cleanser & gum periobalance

saved 94%
cost: $1.48

i bought:
    l'oreal youth code facial cleanser $4.39
    g.u.m. periobalance $19.99 ($24.99 - 20% discount)
= $24.38

used coupons: = $14.38 + $2.10 tax

paid with:
    $14 +ups
    $2.48 oop

    $10 +up g.u.m. periobalance ($24.99) no limit stated on tag 03/07-04/03
    $5 gum periobalance (exp 03/28/12) only at rite aid savingstar credit

spent $16.48 ($14 +up + $2.48 oop)
earned $15 ($10 +up + $5 savingstar credit)
cost $1.48
saved 94%
earned 10 wellness+ points

download spreadsheet for this transaction
(microsoft excel or open office required)

once again i end up buying the periobalance to use expiring +ups! there is also a video values coupon if you watched the video before 3/03, which would give you a $5 profit. (i had already used mine)

rite aid must have decided they didn't want us to get the youth code cleanser free, so they added "excludes youth code cleanser" to the coupon. if you printed it before they did this you can still get the cleanser free. if not, you're out of luck :(

remember, savingstar lets you cash out once you have $5 credit - so you can cash out with just the periobalance!

* i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here