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01/28 my trip today: john frieda, k-y, just for men, & more

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saved 131%
profit: $14.45

i bought:
    k-y warming liquid 1 oz $5.79
    k-y warming liquid 1 oz $2.89 (bogo 50% off sale)
    finesse conditioner 17.3 oz "33% bonus" $3
    finesse conditioner 17.3 oz "33% bonus" $3
    ge cfl light bulbs 1 pk $3.99
    john frieda precision foam hair color $10.79 ($13.49 - 20% discount)
    just for men hair color $5.99
    dunkin' donuts coffee 12 oz $8.23 ($10.29 - 20% discount)
= $43.68 + $2.85 tax

used coupons: = $21.69

paid with:
    $19 +up
    $5.54 oop

spent $24.54 ($19 +up + $5.54 oop)
earned $38.99 ($33 +up + $5.99 mir)
profit $14.45 ♥
saved 131%
earned 24 wellness+ points

download spreadsheet for this transaction
(microsoft excel or open office required)

i wanted to finish the buy & $ave resolution rewards and today (1/28) is the last day! i already had $57 towards the $100 needed, so i bought $43.68 worth of participating items. i was pretty disappointed to get my receipt and find that it showed i only had $81 towards the deal after these purchases. but i double checked my purchases and math and as far as i can tell this is rite aid's mistake. i'm not sure which items did not count, but everything i bought today should have been part of the promotion.

i will contact customer service and ask for my $20 +up to be mailed. they've been very helpful when i've contacted them about missing +ups before, so hopefully this time will be just as pleasant!

i let the cashier know that the john frieda was on sale for $11.99 (didn't notice that my discounted price was only $10.79!) but he entered the coupon for the reg price anyway!

update 1/30/12: just contacted customer service by chat, they said i will receive my resolution rewards +ups by mail in 2-3 weeks. i will update when i receive them!

update 2/13/12: today i received my $20 +up resolution rewards in the mail :)

* i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
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