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wholesome twosomes 8/21 - 9/17

as advertised in 8/21-8/27 ad

    barefoot coral calcium complete 90 ct bogo

    bioglan kids smart omega 30 ct bogo

    cosamin asu 90 ct or ds 60 ct, or omega mint chewable 100 ct bogo

    disney gummies vitamins 60/120 ct bogo

    ester-c bogo

    everlast energy 90 ct, energy shot 2 pk, or recovery 18 ct bogo

    focusfactor 60 ct bogo

    gnc b12 500 250 ct, c 500 500 ct, or d3 5000 iu 180 ct bogo

    gnc triple strength fish oil 60-120 ct or fish oil w/ krill or krill oil 500 mg 60 ct bogo

    hyland's (any) bogo

    irwin naturals green tea diet 30 ct, green tea triple fat burner 30 ct, natural fat burner 30 ct, green to lean 30 ct and 7 ct tea bags, or yerba mate 60 ct bogo

    irwin naturals prostate defense 50 ct or longer stronger hair and nails 60 ct bogo

    joint juice 8 oz 6 pk bogo

    lil critters gummy vites 60-70 ct or drops 2 oz, or vitafusion gummy vitamins 100-150 ct bogo

    lipo-flavonoid 100 ct bogo

    Natrol, laci le beau super dieter's tea, or promensil bogo

    nature made same-e and triple flex bogo

    nature's bounty or flex-a-min vitamins & supplements bogo

    osteo bi-flex bogo

    promax 2.64 oz or marathon single serve nutrition bars bogo

    schiff mega red krill oil 60 ct, mega d3 90 ct, move free + msm 90+30 ct, advanced triple strength w/ msm and d 80 ct, glucosamine 2000 mg or w/ msm 150 ct bogo

    slow fe 30-90 ct bogo

    Stamina RX shot 2 oz BOGO

    sundown vitamins & supplements (any) bogo

    super c energy and super c slender 7 ct , or pure kick powder 4 ct bogo

    thermotabs salt supplement 100 ct bogo

    trigosamine joint care supplements max 90 ct or fast acting 60 ct bogo

    twinlab ripped fuel 40-60 ct or metabolife 90 ct bogo

    urinozinc 60 ct bogo

    vasorect ultra 90 ct, prostate formula 270 ct, or intensex 20 ct bogo

    vitron-c w/ iron 60 ct bogo

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