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05/04 my trip today: revlon, lysol, duracell, & more

profit: $1.84

i bought:
    Revlon nail clipper $.87 (40% off sale)
    Revlon nail clipper $.87 (40% off sale)
    lysol wipes 35 ct $2.50
    lysol wipes 35 ct $2.50
    lysol wipes 28 ct $2.50
    duracell aa 10 ct $2.24 (unmarked clearance)
    duracell aa 10 ct $2.24 (unmarked clearance)
    duracell aa 10 ct $2.24 (unmarked clearance)
    breathe right 10 ct $4.79 ($5.99 - 20% discount)
    no nonsense liners $.75

used coupons:= $1.01 + $1.15 tax

paid with:
    $1 +up
    $1.16 oop

earned +ups:
$2.16 spent - $4 +ups earned =
♥ $1.84 profit ♥

download spreadsheet for this transaction
(microsoft excel or open office required)

notes:the breathe right coupon automatically deducts $5.99 when scanned regardless of how much you are charged for the item. it also counts towards the allergy $5 +up wyb $25!

duracell clearance is a great deal! it was working for the 20 pks that give $1 +up earlier this week, but it was reported today that the 20 pks are no longer scanning at the clearance price. hopefully they will be on clearance again after this week's sale is over.

if you happen to have the lysol coupons, you can get the wipes free this week!

as others have reported, the weekend warrior deal is back on and my total from last week is printing at the end of my receipt again. :)

i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here