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transaction planner

download .xls file or .xlsx file
(microsoft excel or open office required)
use the online version

use this spreadsheet to help you calculate your transactions!

  • if using the online version, click the "click to edit" button

  • white areas are for you to fill in

  • gray areas will calculate automatically

  • change the tax rate to your state's tax rate

  • enter your products price in either the taxable or non-taxable column. if you are not sure whether the item is taxed or not, make a guess and keep in mind that the tax amount might be off.

  • enter the coupons you plan to use, and +ups and scr you will earn for each item

  • enter any $/$$ or other rite aid coupon you want to use ($4 off $20, or $2 off non-rx purchase, etc) and the amount of +ups you plan to use to pay

  • the spreadsheet will automatically figure your tax, oop, wellness+ points earned, and percent saved!

  • print your spreadsheet and bring it with you!

going forward i will provide one of these spreadsheets for each of my rite aid trips. my transaction will already be filled in - you can print it out as is, or make changes to plan your own transaction.
this is version 1.0 of the transaction planner. there may be some bugs that i did not catch when i tested it. please let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions for the next version.