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01/10 my trip today

profit: $2.38

i bought:
    special k original 12 oz $4.79
    special k original 12 oz $0 (bogo sale)
    special k original 12 oz $4.79
    special k original 12 oz $0 (bogo sale)
    hormel compleats $1.99
    hormel compleats $1.99
    hormel dinty more $1.99
    hormel dinty more $1.99
    yule brite miniature lights 50 ct $.49 (christmas clearance 75% off)
    yule brite miniature lights 50 ct $.49 (christmas clearance 75% off)

used coupons:=$9.54 + $.08 tax

paid with:
    $9 +ups
    $.62 oop
$9.62 spent - $12 +ups earned =
♥ $2.38 profit ♥

notes:as you can see the hormel and dinty more are printing $1 +up for the weekly deal and $1 +up for the food & snacks deal. if this is a mistake, it could be corrected at some point during the week... until then they are free after +up rewards!

another overlap is the barilla pasta. we get get $1 +up wyb 4/$5 this week and we also get $1 up for each box for the food & snacks deal. unfortunately, there were only 3 boxes in stock at my store. but if you can find 4 they work out free as well.

i had mentioned that those of us with wellness discounts might have problems using the bogo coupons because the cashier would want to enter the value shown on the register screen. and the register shows our discount until the transaction is completed and then only the bogo sale is deducted because it is the better price.

however, today the screen showed $4.79 - not my 20% off! either they fixed the register display or my discount wasn't working. i'm going to guess my discount wasn't working, in which case it worked out well because i wasn't buying any regular price items anyway.

i got a message on my receipt that my point total message is down for yearend processing which also makes me think maybe my discount was "down" as well.

the resolution rewards still seem to be a hair off. the special k and hormel all count towards the deal. so this transaction should have added $17.54 to my total, but it added $17.52. what happened to the other $.02? (last time i was missing $.04.)

i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here