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11/01 my trip today

cost: $2.41

i bought:
    G•U•M PerioBalance Daily Dental Probiotic Lozenges 28 ct $22.49 ($24.99 - 10% discount)
    country time lemonade $3.14 ($3.49 - 10% discount)

used coupons:=$10.63 + $1.78 tax

paid with:
    $10 +ups
    $2.41 oop
will receive:
    $10 scr #85 G•U•M PerioBalance Daily Dental Probiotic Lozenges 28 ct LIMIT 1 10/24-11/27

$12.41 paid - $10 scr earned = $2.41

wellness silver+ discount - after earning 500 points wellness+ cardholders receive 10% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
notes:the periobalance was a very easy way to get my total to $25, so buying it was an easy way to virtually get $2.50 off another item when using the $5 off $25.

unfortunately the periobalance was taxed here (ny), so the deal didn't work out as well as i thought it would - but it still made the lemonade $1 cheaper than it wold have been if i bought it by itself. plus, if you are concerned about accumulating too many +up rewards this is a good way to convert some to cash (scr).

update 11/04: my receipt for this transaction cleared and came back as not having any qualifying items. i sent off any email to rite aid. they replied and said no qualifying items were showing on my receipt and i would have to mail or fax a copy of the receipt to them. but then a few hours later, i checked my account and i am now qualified for the periobalance rebate!