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10/24 my trip today

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profit: $.41?

i bought:
    quaker instant oatmeal 10 pk $2.50
    quaker instant oatmeal 10 pk $2.50
    renpure shampoo & conditioner bogo pk $6.99
    renpure shampoo & conditioner bogo pk $0 (bogo sale 10/24-11/20)
    wonderful pistachios 8 oz $2.99
    dunkin donuts coffee $7.19 ($7.99 - 10% discount)
    milk $3.23 ($3.59 - 10% discount)

used coupons:=$10.41 + $.17 tax

    $10.58 oop
    $1 +up wyb 2 quaker instant oatmeal or cereal bars 10 pk, or russell stover 100 calorie bars 5 pk
    $1 +up renpure
    $1 +up renpure
    $1 +up jack link's beef jerky 3-3.25 oz, wonderful pistachios 8 oz, or simplify trail mix 6 pk - did not print
will receive:
    $1 +up jack link's beef jerky 3-3.25 oz, wonderful pistachios 8 oz, or simplify trail mix 6 pk in mail (hopefully!)
    $6.99 try me free up to $6.99 rebate renpure organics (found on tearpads or Hangtags in some stores)

♥ $10.58 paid - $4 +ups earned - $6.99 mir = $.41 profit ♥

wellness silver+ discount - after earning 500 points wellness+ cardholders receive 10% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
notes:very nice deal on the renpure if you are lucky enough to find the rebates and bogo packages!

i had read that the wonderful pistachios were not printing +up for some people. i tried it anyway, but no luck. i sent an email to rite aid using this form. hopefully they will send the $1 +up in the mail. i wasn't going to bother contacting them about it, but then i figured it would be good for the experience. ;)

so i bought milk and coffee because i needed it, but you could replace that with whatever you need/want and get a great deal when combining it with the other items for a $25 transaction... that is if you have any $5 off $25's to use!

the renpure +ups don't seem to be advertised. they expire on 12/11, so it seems this deal continues until 11/27. (+ups always seem to exp 2 weeks from the end of the deal.)

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