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08/22 - 09/18 bogo sale

as advertised in 8/22-8/28 ad
    Accu-FIora Probiotic 30 ct

    Atkins Endulge, marathon, or Promax Single Bars

    Barefoot Coral Calcium complete 90 ct.

    Benevia 4 pk

    Benzedrine 60 ct

    Celsius 12 oz 4 Pk

    Designer Whey Protein Supplement 12.7 oz, 2 lb or Single 2Go Packets

    Detox 7 Whole Body Cleanse 30 ct

    Diurex Water Pills 42 ct

    Ester·C 500 or 1000 mg 90 ct

    Ester-C To Go 12 ct

    FocUSFactor 60 ct

    Green Tea Diet, Green Tea Trlple Fat Burner, Carb Blocker, 10-Day Hoodia Diet, or Natural Fat Burner 30 ct

    Herbal V 500 mg 10 ct

    Hollywood 48-Hour Diet 48 oz

    Horny Goat Weed 50 ct

    IsoPure+AduIt Nutritional Drink 8 oz 6 Pk

    joint juice 8 oz 6 pk

    Laci Le Beau Tea

    L'iI Critters Gummy Vites 60-140 ct

    Lipodrene 90 ct

    Lipo-Flavonoid Plus 100 ct

    Mag-oX 400 60 ct

    Maxoderm 2.6 oz

    Mega-T Green Tea Supplements

    Metabolife Assoried Formulas 90 ct

    MLO, Xtreme Bar or Genisoy Nutritional Single Bars or Powders Assorted Varieties 16-47 oz


    nature's bounty Vitamins and Supplements or FIex·a•min

    Osteo Bi-Flex

    Pedia Essentials Multi-Vitamin Drops 2 oz


    Schiff Glucosamine +MSM 150 ct

    Schiff Green Tea Diet 30 ct

    Schiff Mega Red 60 ct or Mega D3 90 ct

    Schiff Move Free Advanced +MSM 80-90 ct

    Smart Care Supplements:

    Stresstabs, Posture-D, Protegra, Z-Bec, or Soy Care 60 ct+, Ferro-Sequels 30 ct

    sundown Vitamins and Supplements

    Super C Energy 7 ct

    Super juice Supplements 60 ct

    The Men's club Enlargement Formula 60 ct

    Trigosamine joint care Supplements 60-90 ct

    triple flex 60 or 12 ct

    twinlab supplements

    Urino Zinc Prostate Formula 60 ct

    Vahard Men's Sexual Libido Booster 60 ct

    Vitafusion Adult Gummy Vitamins 50-150 ct

    Vitron-c Iron Supplement 60 ct