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Vitamin 2010 scr #563 7/25-8/28

$ single check rebates $$5 Rite Aid Gift Card wyb $30 limit 1:
Wellness+ Rewards Card must be used at time of purchase to qualify towards rebate
Alive Adult Multivitamin
Alli Starter Kit 60 ct
Bausch & Lomb Supplement
Caltrate 60 ct
Centrum Cardio 60 ct
Centrum Original 100 ct or Chewables 100 ct
Centrum Silver 110 ct or Chewables 60 ct
Centrum Ultra 100 ct
Citracal Supplement
EAS Advantage Ready-To-Drink 4 pk
Ensure Regular 8 oz. cans 4 pk
Extenze 30 ct
Fibromyalgia Relief 125 ct
Freestyle Freedom or Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor
Move Free Supplement
Natrol Vitamin/Supplement
Nature Made Vitamin/Supplement
Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Flaxseed CoQ10 or Red Yeast Rice Supplement
Nutritional Multipack bars (includes Atkins Full Bar Met-Rx Power Bar Pure Protein Slim Fast Special K Protein Zone)
Omron Blood Pressure Kit Wrist # HEM 629
One a Day Active Energy Active Mind & Body Cholesterol Plus Men’s or Women’s 50+ or Vitacraves 50 ct
One a Day Jolly Rancher 60 ct
One a Day Maximum Men’s or Women’s 100 ct
One a Day Prenatal 30 + 30 ct
One a Day Teen 80 ct
Oscal 120-160 ct
Osteo Bi-Flex Supplement
Restless Legs Relief 125 ct
Scales or Pedometers (Select: includes Conair Omron Weight Watchers and Biggest Loser)
Schiff Glucosamine Supplement
Schiff Mega Red 60 ct or Schiff Mega D 90 ct
Sciatica Relief 125 ct
Tinnitus Relief 125 ct
Viactiv Chew 60 ct

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