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07/17 my trip today

cost: $18.96

i bought:
    pur faucet water filter replacement $16.99
    swiffer wet jet refill $5.49
    topsy turvy tomato planter $4.99 (clearance)
subtotal $27.47

used coupons:
    -$5 off $25 when you watch rx service video video values 06/2010
    -$.55 10% off shopping pass (swiffer wet jet refill)
    -$1.70 10% off shopping pass (pur faucet water filter replacement)
=$21.96 + $1.74 tax

paid with:
    $20 +up rewards
    $1.96 oop
will receive:
    $3 scr #176 PUR Replacement Filters or FlavorOption Cartridges 6/27-7/24

$21.96 spent - $3 scr = $18.96

notes:i used 2 different +up rewards today after showing the manager my email from eric harkreader, rite aid public relations... "Valid +UP rewards should be thought of as gift cards and may be combined without limit to pay for a sales total so long as you also present the original wellness+ card that was used to earn the reward. If the sales total is less than the value of the +UP reward(s), then the total may be rounded down to prevent overage, which is never allowed."

i didn't really see any great deals to spend my $20 +up expiring today, so i just got things i needed/wanted. and since i was actually buying a coupon of things that weren't on sale, it was a good time to use my "savings pass."