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wellness+up rewards goes national 06/06

+up rewards
a new addition to the Wellness + program is called "+Up Rewards" (pronounced "plus up rewards"). When you buy select products you will receive a $X off coupon printed on the bottom of your receipt good towards your next purchase of almost anything in the store!

reward printed at the end of receipt

  • these rewards "roll" (for example, you could use a john frieda reward when you buy more john frieda and a new reward would still print, if the deal is not limited.)

  • "Valid +UP Rewards should be thought of as gift cards and may be combined without limit to pay for a sales total so long as:
    • You present the original wellness+ card that was used to earn the reward
    • The pretax total of your purchase is greater than the value of the +UP reward(s) to avoid overage, which is never allowed."
    - eric harkreader, rite aid public relations

  • be sure to double check your total pre-tax before handing over +up rewards to be scanned! if your pre-tax total is not high enough to use your +up reward the register will reject it, but when you attempt to use it on another transaction it will come up as already redeemed!

    "I’d heard about cases like you describe here. We’re working on several fixes that should resolve the frequency with which this happens. But in the meantime, please be mindful that when a +UP reward is handed over and scanned, it can never be scanned again, even if the system does not credit it automatically for whatever reason. In other words, you should say something if the credit does not come through so that the store team can find an otherwise acceptable resolution. We apologize for asking you to serve as our backup on this and assure you that we are working to make sure this occurs less frequently." - eric harkreader, rite aid public relations

  • "When Rain Checks are issued for an item that has a +UP Reward Coupon; the customer's Wellness+ Card is to be scanned first, then they would select the Rain Check option on the register. The item sku is then entered and a Rain Check receipt will print for the sale price. It will then be necessary for the associate to 'hand write' and initial the +UP offer and the adjusted final price on the Rain Check, and sign it. Therefore, when purchasing the item that the Rain Check is for, you will automatically be charged what the final price would be, already taking off the +UP Reward amount." - Carrie, rite aid Customer Support

  • as of october 2010, +up deals are unlimited unless stated otherwise in the ad. deals that state "limit x per household" are tracked by wellness card. if you buy more than the stated limit +up rewards will not print.

my sources:
eric harkreader, rite aid public relations