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04/30 my trip today

profit: $8.18

i bought:
    ban deodorant 2.6 oz $3.49
    ban deodorant 2.6 oz $1.74 (bogo 50% off)
    ban deodorant 2.6 oz $3.49
    ban deodorant 2.6 oz $1.74 (bogo 50% off)
    everlast focus supplement $19.99
    everlast energy supplement $0 (bogo sale)
subtotal $30.45

used coupons:=$1.46 + $.47 tax

will receive:
    $10 scr #71 wyb 4 ban regular roll-on or powder fresh 1.5-3.5 oz 4/25-5/01

then i bought:
    pure & natural hand soap $4.69
    everlast energy supplement $19.99
    everlast energy supplement $0 (bogo sale)
    aveeno lotion 8 oz $7.49
    altoids $1
subtotal $33.17

used coupons:=$.18 + $.71 tax

will receive:

♥ $2.82 total oop - $11 scr = $8.18 profit ♥

notes:although the ban deodorant rebate says "ban regular roll-on or powder fresh," it has been reported that other scents of ban solid are also qualifying - so i'm pretty confident these will all clear.

the aveeno lotion also gives me $7.49 towards the $30 needed for scr #76. i'm not sure if i will finish that rebate or not, it depends what deals i put together in the coming weeks.

i would rather have gotten something more useful than the altoids, but i calculated based on the $1 amount on the aveeno hair care in-ad coupon. then i got the lotion instead, which has the $2 in-ad coupon. i added the altoids when i realized my last coupon ($2) wouldn't go through because my remaining balance was less than $2!