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03/10 my trip today

cost: $5.08

i bought:
    covergirl & olay simply ageless blush $13.99
    covergirl & olay simply ageless blush $0 (bogo sale)
    covergirl aquasmooth make-up $9.39
    covergirl aquasmooth make-up $0 (bogo sale)
    starbucks coffee $9.49
subtotal $32.87

used coupons:
    -$5 off $20 rite aid video values 03/2010
    -$13.99 CoverGirl Face Product bogo P & G 2/7/10
    -$9.39 CoverGirl Face Product bogo P & G 2/7/10
    -$1 starbucks coffee (internet coupon no longer available)
=$3.49 + $1.59 tax
cost of $5.08

notes:still trying to stock back up on coffee on the cheap!

many people are having problems with the covergirl coupons giving the message "item not found" when scanned. the covergirl/olay products are probably a problem because they have short barcodes which do not match the coupon barcode. i think my coupons went right through because i had 2 items (the aquasmooth make-up) with barcodes that do match the coupon. (these coupons are coded to attach to one item only.)

in any case, the store should be willing to push the coupon through, as long as you are buying face products as the coupon is intended. but in the real world it is not always that easy!