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01/19 my trip today

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cost: $1.35

i bought:
    muscle milk 2.47 lb $27.99
subtotal $27.99

used coupons:=$2.99
then i bought:
    zantrex 3 energy shots $1.49 (clearance)
    benevia strength & energy 4 pk $8.99
    benevia strength & energy 4 pk $0 (bogo sale)
    bayer 81 mg 32+32 ct bog package $1.99
    Similasan ear drops $10.99
    Similasan eye drops $0 (BOGO sale)
    lance crackers 8 pk $1.50
    lance crackers 8 pk $1.50
    beamans gum $.45
    beamans gum $.45
subtotal $27.36

used coupons:=$.36

will receive:
    $2 scr #36 Similasan Eye Relief Product 12/27-1/23

$3.35 oop - $2 scr = $1.35 cost

notes:i threw in the beaman's gum at the last minute because otherwise my total would have been negative. if i had realized that before checkout i would have looked for something more useful!

please keep in mind that if you use 2 $5 benevia coupons like i did, the cashier may adjust the second one to $3.99 so that you do not get more than the cost of the benevia.

usually i count rite aid rebates as part of my savings when i earn them. but since i never factored in the gift of savings i was earning when i did my transactions during that time period, i'm counting it as part of my savings now.

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