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01/08 my trip today

profit: $2.53

i bought:
    stacker 3 $19.99
    got2be hairspray $6.49
    got2be hairspray $0 (bogo sale)
    Listerine Fresh Burst 500 mL $3.50
    milk $1.99
subtotal $31.97

used coupons:=$.47

will receive:
    $3 scr #6 Listerine Original, Fresh Burst, Vanilla Mint, or Cool Mint 500 mL 1/3-1/9

♥ $.47 oop - $3 scr = $2.53 profit ♥

notes:normally, i count rite aid rebates as part of my savings when i earn them. but since i never factored in the gift of savings i was earning when i did my transactions during that time period, i'm counting it as part of my savings now. hope that makes sense!