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10/17 my trip today

profit: $10

i bought:
    Beyond BodiHeat Pain Relieving Heat Pads 4 ct $2.99
    Breath Again SinoMarine Nasal Spray 3.3 oz $7.99
    Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm $2.29
    Comtrex 20 ct $3.99
    Dr. Thompson’s Coldwar 20 ct $3.99
    Sinus Buster 20 ml $8.99
    Sucrets Ice Pop 6 ct $2.99
subtotal $33.23

used coupons:
=$25.23 (used discover card)

will receive:
$25.23 oop - $33.23 scr - $2 mir = $10 profit ♥

notes:i was pleasantly surprised to find almost all scr items i was looking for still in stock this late in the week. the only item i did not end up getting was the carmex 3 pk.

this transaction will also bump me from a $10 gift of savings rebate to a $20 rebate.

* rite aid's new corporate policy (updated 5/2009) is to accept Internet coupons with a value of $5 or less.