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09/27 - 10/03 weekly deals

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    ♥ Crest White Plus Scope toothpaste $2.69 get $2.69 scr #127
    -$1 Crest Premium Toothpaste 4.2 oz + (exp 9/30/09) P & G 8/30/09 (amount varies by region)
    -$1 Crest Premium Paste 4.1oz+ (Multicare, Extra Whitening, Whitening Expressions, whitening plus scope, etc.) P&G 9/27/09
    ♥ Oral-B Advantage or Artica Manual Toothbrush $2.69 get $2.69 scr #120

    ♥ Gillette Fusion Power or Manual Razor 1 ct $9 get $5 scr
    -$4 gillette fusion 9/27/09 P&G

    ♥ nivea lip care $2.99 get $2 scr
    -$1 Nivea Lip Care Products V 8/30/09

* rite aid's new corporate policy is that they do accept Internet coupons with a value of $5 or less, limit of one per purchased item and the bar code must be legitimate and scan correctly.
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