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05/11 my trip today

cost: $.29

i bought:
neutrogena facial bar $2.99
neutrogena facial bar $1.49
neutrogena facial bar $2.99
got2be smooth operator hairspray $6.99

subtotal $14.47

used coupons:
$2 Got 2b Full size styling product* (pdf)
$1 neutrogena 5/3/09 ss
$1 neutrogena 5/3/09 ss
$1 neutrogena 5/3/09 ss

=$9.47 + $1.25 tax

will receive:
-$5 scr #106 wyb 3 Neutrogena Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care & Cosmetics Products 4/26-5/30

i then realized that the got2be rang up full price and that the smooth operator mousse qualifies for the rebate but not the hairspray. the store incorrectly had this item signed but i really should have checked more carefully!

so i returned...
got2be smooth operator hairspray $4.99

=$4.99 + $.43 tax refunded

$10.71 - $5 scr - $5.42 refund = $.29

i was going to exchange the got2be for the correct item, but the manager deducted $2 from my refund and refused to give me my got2be coupon back. unfortunately i did not have another got2be coupon with me and i wasn't going to buy it without using a coupon.

sent this email to rite aid when i got home...
I was wondering what your policy is on a refunding merchandise if a manufacturer's coupon was used?

Today I bought an item that was incorrectly signed on the shelf as on sale and qualifying for a single check rebate. I realized a few minutes after buying it that it had rung up full price and was not the correct item, so I went back into the store to exchange it.

The cashier pointed out to the manager that I had used a $2 coupon on the item and pulled it out of her drawer. It seemed to me that I should have been given the coupon back, and if that was not possible, I should have received full credit for the item. (This is the way returns work at both CVS and Walgreens.)

Instead, I was given the value of the item, less $2 for the coupon used - but the manager refused to return the coupon to me. For this reason I could not buy the correct rebate item because I did not have another coupon on me.

I hope this is just a case of employees not being aware of the correct policy.

Thanks for your help.
i will update if i receive any response to this.

has anyone had experience returning items to rite aid that you used coupons for? did they do the same to you?

* rite aid's new corporate policy is that they do accept Internet coupons with a value of $5 or less, limit of one per transaction.