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february rebates 1/25/09 - 2/28/09:

scr #29
Benefiber Powder 62 Dose
$3 SCR
(also qualifies for scr #98 RA GC and scr #500 t-shirt)

scr #40
Afrin Nasal Spray, 15 ml
$1 SCR
(also qualifies for scr #98 RA GC)

scr #43
FREE $10 RA gc wyb 3 Bayer Consumer Items and/or Bayer Diabetes Items
Pictured items:
Aleve Liquigels
-$1 aleve
Bayer Low Dose
Alka Seltzer
Phillips Milk of Magnesia
One A Day
-$1 one a day
Bayer Contour Meter
(Bayer items may also qualify for scr #500 T-Shirt)

scr #98 limit 1
FREE $10 RA gc wyb $25 worth of:
Abreva, 2 gm
Advil Liquigels, 40 ct.
Afrin Nasal Spray, 15 ml
AZO Products
Bayer Enteric Aspirin, 81 mg, 120 ct.
Benefiber Powder, 62 Dose
Breathe Right Md/Lg, 30 ct.
Claritin 24 Hour, 10 mg, 30 ct.
Delsym, 3 oz.
Debrox Ear Care
EPT Pregnancy Kit
Excedrin Migraine Geltabs, 24 ct.
Imodium Maximum Strength, 12 ct.
Mederma Gel or Creme
Metamucil Smooth Orange, 114 Dose
Monistat 1 day
Motrin Children’s Berry, 4 oz.
Mucinex, 600 mg, 20 ct.
Neosporin, 1 oz.
Nix Lice Products
NyQuil, Original, 6 oz.
Pepto Bismol, 4 oz.
Prilosec, OTC, 42 ct.
Robitussin DM, Maximum, 8 oz.
Similasan Ear Care
Sudafed PE Tablets, 18 ct.
Tylenol Cold Maximum Strength D/N, Caplets, 24 ct.
Tylenol Extra Strength Cap, 24 ct.
Zyrtec 10 mg, Tablets, 30 ct.

scr #138 limit 1
Listerine Total Care 500ml 4.99 (regular price)
get $10 wyb 4
-$2 listerine total care
-$2 Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash ,500 ml+ V 2/8/09

scr #500 1/25-3/28
Healthy Heart
Free T-Shirt wyb $30 worth of:
Alli 90 ct
Bayer Enteric Aspirin Regimen Tablets 120 ct
Bayer with Heart Advantage 30 ct
Bayer Aspirin Regimen
Bayer Caplets 325 mg 100 ct
Bayer Enteric Aspirin Regimen 81 mg Tablets 200 ct
Bayer with Heart Advantage 60 ct
Genuine Bayer Aspirin Tablets 100 ct
Bayer Contour Meter
Benefiber Products
Centrum Silver 100 ct, Cardio 60 ct or Performance 45 ct
Citrucel Products
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste, 4.2 oz.
Coricidin Tablets 24 ct
Coricidin HBP Chest Congestant 20 ct.
Ecotrin, 125 or 150 ct.
Fiber Choice, 90 ct.
First Check Cholesterol Test
Metamucil Smooth Texture Sugar Orange 114 Dose
Metamucil Berry Burst 144 Dose
Nature's Bounty Products
One A Day Men's & Women's 100 ct or Weight Smart 60 ct
One Touch Ultra2 Meter
Planters Nutritional 9.75 oz.
Planters Smoked Almonds 10.25 oz.
Preservision, 50 ct
Soy Joy Nutritional Bars
St.Josephs Aspirin Enteric, 180 ct
Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps, 100 ct.
Viactiv, 60 ct or larger
(Bayer items may also qualify for scr #43 Bayer RA GC)

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