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7/13 - 7/19 scr's and deals

Rebate #48
Valid from 06/29/08 to 07/26/08 (6/27 - 7/24 in select CA stores)
$5.00 Rebate, LIMIT TWO $5.00 REBATES
Purchase (1):
Flex-a-min Tablets
• Super Glucosamine 2000 Plus, 60 ct.
• Triple Strength, 80 ct.
• Complete, 120 ct.
• With Hyaluronic Acid, 60 or 120 ct.

In the front page of the ad for the week of 7.13.08 to 7.19.08 it is advertised:

Flex-a-min. Assorted formulas.

Buy in the same receipt (otherwise you don't get the 2nd item free):
+ $ 12.99 Buy 1 Flex-a-min Tablets Super Glucosamine 2000 Plus, 60 ct (Unboxed jar with a red cap)
+ $ 0.00 Buy 1 (BOGO)
- $ 10.00 (2) MQ $5/1 any Flex-a-min product (1/6 RP or 4/27 or 6/29 RP)
- $ 10.00 (2) SCR #48
=$ 7.01 profit

We don't know if they are going to credit the $5 SCR for the free item. They should, they did it in the past, but....you know how it is.
I'm confident that they will credit it. But even if they don't credit for both, and credit for one, we still come out ahead for $ 2.01 profit.
And if they don't let you use the coupon on the free item, and they credit the rebate for both, there is still $ 2.01 profit.

Rebate #225
Purchase (1) of any variety:
Crest Toothpaste - Whitening Expressions, 6 oz.
+ $ 2.49 Buy One
- $2.49 SCR
- $1.00 MQ P&G 7/6
= $1.00 profit
OR $0.75 profit if you have the $0.75 MQ instead.
Rebate valid only: 7.13.08 - 7.19.08

Rebate #257
Purchase One:
Electrasol Automatic Dishwashing Detergent
• Powder or Gel, 75 oz.
• Powerballs or Gelcaps, 20 ct.
+$ 2.99 Buy One
- $ 2.00 SCR
- $ 2.25 MQ 7.13.08 SS
= $ 1.26 profit

Rebate #201
Purchase (1) of any Shade:
• Colorsilk Root Perfect Hair Color
In page 4 of this week's ad:
Revlon ColorSilk Hair color 2 for $5.00

We have to be a little careful here.
The ad states: Colorsilk Hair color, no mention of Colorsilk Root Perfect.
Those are two different items, in the same line.
First, we have to find out if the Colorsilk Root Perfect is also on sale at 2 for $5.00, and if it is on sale , then we have to make sure we buy those, because the rebate is no good on Hair Color but on the Root Perfect.
Confirmed by Izmelda that the Root Perfect is on sale at 2 for $5 in SoCal. Thank you!!
Just double check in your local RA before you buy. Never hurts to be cautious.
So assuming that the Root Perfect is on sale, the deal is like this:

+ $5.00 Buy Two Color Silk Root Perfect
- $ 4.00 SCR
- $ 1.00 MQ $1.00/2 6.1.08 SS

L'Oreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Shampoo or Conditioner or Vive Pro Men's 3 in 1
are BOGOs. See Page 4 of the ad.
Regular price is $4.99.
The following MQ are coming up on 7.13.08 SS
- LOreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Product, any B1G1F up to $4.99 (exp.10.5.08)
- LOreal Vive Pro Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any $1 (exp.10-5-08)

There is also a RA coupon:
- L'Oreal Paris Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner $1, printable here. Also found in store in the Booklet Beauty the Rite Way.
Depending on what coupons they will let you use, this deal goes from getting 2 free shampoos to up to 2 free shampoos + $3.00 profit (if you are lucky).
No rebate involved.
These new products are located in a separate cardboard display. If you can't find them in the shelves, now you know where else to look.

Rebate #197
Purchase (1)
- Coast Bar Soap, 3-pack
- Dial Bar Soap, 3-pack
- Tone Bar Soap, 2-pack
- Dial Pump Hand Soap 7.5oz
- Dial Yogurt Liquid Hand Soap 9.38oz.
- Tone Foaming Hand Soap, 7.5 oz.
+ $ 2.99
- $2.00 SCR
= $0.99
Use Dial Bar Soap Multi-Pack, Body Wash or Liquid hand Soap, any .60 (9-1-08) SS #2 5/18/08
= $0.30 cost for items described in the coupon.
Some people received a $1.00/3 coupon instead of the $0.60/1, in which case this deal is useless.
Unless you think $0.99 is good enough, then it is a good deal.
Rebate valid only: 7.13.08 - 7.19.08

Rebate #8
Valid from 06/29/08 to 07/26/08 (6.27.08 - 7.24.08 in select CA stores.)
$5.00 Rebate
Purchase (1)
Garnier Nutritioniste
• Eye Roller

This item it is confirmed that also qualifies for $2.50 for the SKIN REBATE, (you'll have to buy some other qualifying item, since that is $5.00 on two, and as long as you didn't max out on the skin rebate already).
In page #6 is advertised this week at the sale price of: $9.99

+ $9.99 buy 1
- $2.00 MQ tearpad found in displays
-$5.00 SCR #8
-$2.50 Skin rebate
=$0.49 cost (not bad for a $13.99 item)

Garnier Nutritioniste products are 25% off this week.
I've seen some products (the more expensive ones, not the cleansers) with bonus items attached to them (some of them full size bonus).
As always, the cheaper items are the cleansers.
They have 3 different cleansers regular price: $6.49.
The 25ct. towelettes regular price is also $6.49.
There is one cleanser priced at $5.99 called: Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser.
$5.99 -25%. Sale price this week should be: $4.50

+$4.50 Buy One Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser.
- $2.50 SCR (coupled with other skin rebate qualifying product)
- $1.00 MQ Nutritioniste. (I don't know if there are $2.00 MQ for Nutritioniste)
= $1.00 cost

For the towelettes and the other cleansers, cost will be $1.36 each.
I wish we could find $2 Nutritioniste coupons, that will make the products free.
I don't have the $2 tearpad for the EyeRoller, as I already used them, so I can't say if that is good for any Nutritioniste or not.

Consider this deal also if you bought the Eye Roller already and you need one more item to complete the Skincare deal.

Rite Aid Sun Care products are BOGO once again.
If you didn't max out on the Skin Care rebate, here are the details:

+ $ 7.99 Buy One RA Continuous Spray Sport SPF30
+ $ 0.00 Get One Free RA Continuous Spray Sport
- $ 4.00 (2) RA printable coupons find it here
- $ 5.00 Skin rebate #500
=$ 1.01 profit
Note: do not buy the Kids Spray SPF45 in the green spray bottle, as this item is confirmed not to work, since the first week of June.

Lamisil AT Women 24 gm
Lamisil AT Cream 30 gm (I've seen $2.00 peelies on this one)
Those items are advertised BOGOs in page #3.
There were BOGO coupons in 4.13.08 SS:
Buy any one Lamisilk, and get one Lamisilk FREE (up to $10.99)
Buy any one Lamisil AT Gel, and get one Lamisil AT Gel FREE (up to $21.99)
We'll have to check in store if the gels are unadvertised BOGOs, in which case:
Possibly free Lamisil.

RA bath or skin care products are BOGOs.
RA Total Moisture Lotion, (Vaseline lookalike)
+ $2.79 Buy One
+ $0.00 Get One Free
- $2.00 (2) $1.00/1 RA coupons. Find them here
YMMV on your cashier allowing the coupon on the free item (if they scan them they'll go thru).
= $ 0.79 cost for 2 items.

RA Hand Sanitizer, (Purell kind)
+ $3.69 Buy One
+ $0.00 Get One Free
- $2.00 (2) $1.00/1 RA coupons found in the Inner Strength Magazine (bowl of berries on the cover)
YMMV on your cashier allowing the coupon on the free item (if they scan them they'll go thru).
= $ 1.69 cost for 2 items.

Rebate #219
Purchase (1):
• Polarized Sunglasses with built-in UV Monitor. Only at Rite Aid.
This week ALL Sunglasses are BOGO (excluding Clip-ons and Sunlight Readers)
+ $39.99 Buy One
+ $ 0.00 Get One Free
- $10.00 (2) RA coupons in the Skin Brochure, also printable from here
- $ 5.00 SCR
= $ 24.99 cost for two Sunglasses ($12.50 each).
If they allow you to use the $5 RA cpn on the free item (both coupons will scan).
These are in a separate cardboard display, 8 of them on display plus one to try.
There is only one model (no different sizes or shapes), they come in a box, and the frame comes in two different colors: black and kind of dark brown. If you don't see them ask for them. RA has a thing about hiding these displays in the most strange places in their stores.

Rebate #13
o.b. Pro Comfort tampons (18 ct) are $2.99
SCR -1.00
Recent Insert Coupon -1.50
Total .49

Lysol Neutra Air 10 oz, is BOGO (Page 9 of weekly ad).
Use this coupon:
Buy 1, get 1 Free - Any Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol (10 oz. or larger). 6.1.08 SS and also in 7.13.08 SS
And get them both free.
No rebate involved.
Limited only by stock in store (usually pretty low), and the amount of coupons you have.
And to make this even better, I've seen them in a two-pack shrinked wrapped together, which in reality means 4 cans free.

Rebate #25
Purchase (1) Baby Dry Big Pack
Purchase (1) Tub
and receive the purchase price of the Tub back by mail
Up to $3.49 rebate
Pampers Wipes, 60 ct.+ AND Pampers Diapers, jumbo pk.+ $1.50 (7-31-08) P & G 7/6/08
If you have it, $2/1 Pampers jumbo pack or larger from the Todo Bebe party pack
If you have it, $1/1 Pampers Clean 'n Go Wipes 60ct or larger that came in some Pampers boxes
Rebate valid only 7.13.08 - 7.19.08

Glade Wisp Flameless Candle
- $3.00 SCR #251 LIMIT 1
- $5.00 IPQ link 07/12/08 Website is reporting technical difficulties, so cpn is not currently printable.
= -$.01 (profit)

Purex laundry detergent and fabric softeners are BOGOs, use any Purex coupons you have = good price on laundry soap if you need it.
Purex Naturals $1/1 bricks
Purex Ultra Concentrate $1/1 bricks

Rebate #180
Purchase One (1)
• Packets, 100 ct.
• Granular, 3.8 oz.
+ $2.99
- $1.00 SCR
-$1.00 MQ $1.00/1 6/8SS
-$0.65 RA Q in the Inner Strength Magazine (found in stores, berries on the cover)
= $0.34 cost

Veet Products
BOGO psa $4.99
- $2.00 IPQ link
= $.99 for 2

Maalox Chewables
BOGO at $4.99
-$2 Maalox chewable .exp 09/30/08 SS 06/01/08
= $.99 for 2

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