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Rebate #6
Purchase (1) of any variety:
• ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow
• Illuminance Cream Shadow
The Illuminance Cream Shadow (four circles of shadows in the box, as illustrated in the SCR directory) are $ 6.50.
The Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow (four rectangles of shadows in the box, as illustrated in the SCR directory) are $ 6.99
+ $ 6.50 Buy One Illuminance Cream Shadow
+ $ 0.00 Get One Free
- $ 4.00 (2) $2.00 SCR
- $ 4.00 (2) MQ $2.00/1 (7.20.08 SS)
= $ 1.50 profit.
If they don't let you use the $2.00 MQ on the free item, splurging $0.25 for each of these eyeshadows is still quite a bargain.
If you buy two Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadows (Four rectangles of shadows in the box), then your profit will be reduced to $1.01. And if they don't let you use the $2.00 MQ on the free item, then you'll be splurging $0.50 for each one of them.
Important update to this deal:
There is a ColorStay 12 hour Eyeshadow SINGLE (not the 4 rectangles in the box, pictured in the SCR directory).
The price is: $4.29 each.
Note that this rebate states:
Purchase (1) of any variety:
Revlon • ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow
So, there you go, the single ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow (NOT pictured) should qualify, but has been reported as not coming up qualified. you have a very good case if you want to call rite aid customer service and complain.
+ $4.29 Buy One Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow (single color)
+$0.00 get one free
- $ 4.00 (2) $2.00 SCR
- $ 4.00 (2) MQ $2.00/1 (7.20.08 SS)
= $ 3.71 profit.
If they don't let you use the $2.00 MQ on the free item, you'll still make a profit of $1.71.
that the single will work.

Rebate #221
Revlon - Tweezers
Purchase One (1) of Any Variety for a $1.00 Rebate OR
Purchase Two (2) of Any Variety for a $3.00 Rebate.
REVLON. All cosmetics and beauty tools = BOGO this week.

+ $2.45 Buy One Revlon Tweezer
+ $0.00 Get one free Revlon Tweezer
- $3.00 SCR #221
- $2.00 (2) $1.00 MQ 4.6.08 SS, 4.13.08 SS, 5.18.08 SS2
= $2.55 profit
If they don't let you use the $1.00 MQ on the free item, then profit will be $1.55.
Add $1 if you have the miracle network RAQ. Add another $1 if your cashier lets you use a RAQ on the free item, for $1.00 or $2.00 additional profit.
Revlon Tweezers are priced at: $2.45, $2.49, $3.00, $6.00 and $15.99.

Thanks kpark for the following idea:
If you've already done the tweezer rebate, or have extra coupons, you can buy cheap Revlon nail clippers (no rebate on them).
Nail clippers are priced at: $1.45 and $2.19 (BOGO this week).
Toe nail clippers are: $3.19. (BOGO this week).
Use two $1.00 MQ to get them very cheap or get overage, depending on which ones you're buying.

Note that the $2.45 Revlon Tweezers is garbage IMO.
If you are looking for a profit on this deal, is one thing.
Buying the tweezers for personal use, is another.

Rebate #199
FREE Clutch Purse After Rebate
Purchase Two (2) of Any Variety:
• Nail Enamel Products and receive back by mail a FREE Clutch Purse
Clutch Purse mailed separately from rebate check.
While supplies last.
Nail Enamels are $4.79.
Buy two, one will be free, use two of the $2.00/1 Revlon MQ described above.
(I don't know if nail enamel is considered a color cosmetic by Revlon, but I personally think it is).
Pay $0.79 for 2 Revlon Nail Enamels + get the free clutch purse by mail.

DOVE, Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers 2.25 - 12 oz.,
are Buy One Get One Free, this week.
Regular price $4.99
Use (2) $2.00/1 MQ, Hair care, any, 12 oz. 6.8.08 RP
and (2) $1.00/1 RA Q from the booklet Beauty the Rite Way, also found in the RA printables thread: HERE
= $1.01 profit
If you have the $1.50 MQ instead of the $2.00 MQ, then profit will be $0.01.
YMMV on your cashier allowing the coupon on the free item (if they scan them they'll go thru).

L'Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Color.. Very good price this week.
In Page 12 (Last page of this ad) there is a RA in-ad coupon that states:
2 for $15.00 Less in-ad coupon $ 5.00 on 2 = 2 for $ 10.00
See most Sunday papers for additional coupon savings.
In SS 7/20 there is a coupon for $ 5.00 off 2 any L'Oreal Hair Color

And this is one time nobody can't deny you using a RA cpn and a MQ, because it is decribed in their own ad.

+ $15.00 Buy (2)
- $ 5.00 on (2) RA in-ad coupon in last page of this week's ad
- $ 5.00 on (2) MQ SS 7/20
= $ 5.00 cost for 2 L'Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Colors, or $2.50 each

Rebate #220
(Only if you didn't max out on this rebate already).
• John Frieda Products
Purchase One (1) of Any Variety for a $1.00 Rebate OR
Purchase Two (2) of Any Variety for a $3.00 Rebate OR
Purchase Three (3) of Any Variety for a $5.00 Rebate.
This weeks ad shows them at Buy one, get one at 50% off.
Only for the Brilliant Brunette, Sheer Blonde or Luxurious Volume Hair Care.

The Brilliant Brunette, Sheer Blonde, and the Luxurious Volume, are $6.49.
The Luxurious Volume line (blue colored bottles) have a separate freestanding display where the products are.
In that display you'll find the tearpad coupons (if they are not gone already), valid on any John Frieda Products.
These cupons have 2 distinctive barcodes: $3.00 off 2 and $1.00 off 1.
Make sure you show that to the cashier before they scan it, so that they don't scan the $1.00 side instead of the $3.00 side of rhe coupon.
There is also a RA coupon for $1.00 - Luxurious Volume Shampoo or Conditioner in the Beauty the RITE way brochure, usually found at the rack near the entrance door. If you don't have the brochure, it is available in the RA thread of printable coupons.

+ $6.49 Buy One
+ $3.25 Buy Second One (50% off)
- $ 3.00 SCR
- $ 3.00 MQ tearpad
- $ 2.00 (2) $1.00 RA coupons
=$1.74 cost for 2 items

are Buy One , Get One Free this week. Prices range approximately from $5.50 to $6.50.
- Mixed, 11.5 oz
- Dry Roasted, 24 oz.
- Cashew Halves, 9.25 oz.
Selection may vary by store.
They qualify for rebate #267 Kraft/Nabisco, get $5.00 SCR on a $20.00 purchase.
(Note that only the item you pay for will go towards the $20.00 required purchase, the free item does not count).

Rebate #223
Same deal as week of 7/6. Note if you already did it, you can't do it again, since rebate limit is one.
These toothbrushes are on sale again this week.
This is a good deal, but next week (7/27) we will get four of these toothbrushes free if you have the coupons.

Deal valid only for the people that did not buy them the week of 7/6.
Purchase One (1):
Oral-B Toothbrushes
• Pulsar (singles only)
• Cross Action Power Toothbrush
+ $ 5.99 Buy One
- $ 4.00 SCR
- $ 1.00 MQ P&G 7/6
=$0.99 cost
OR if you have the cpn B1G1 (6.15.08 SS) exp.7.31.08 you can get two for $0.99
Confirming that the Cross Action works fine for the rebate.
Pulsar has been reported twice as non working for the rebate.
In one case, a quick phone call to CS took care of the problem.
Please also note that the $1.00 P&G coupon, that says Crossaction, beeps and does not scan.
When coupons beep, some cashiers don't enter them manually.
Some do. YMMV.

Rebate #228
Purchase (1)
Crest Premium Whitestrips, 28 ct.
+ $27.99
- $10.00 SCR
- $ 5.00 MQ P&G 7/6
= $ 12.99 final cost
Rebate valid only: 7.20.08 - 7.26.08
There is a $7.00 MQ in P&G 7/6 but is for Crest Whitestrips Daily Whitening + Tartar Protection OR Daily Whitening Multicare.

Nivea for Men Skin care or Shaving, 25% off.
Use $4.00/2 (6.8.08 RP)
Nivea for Men Body Wash $3.49

Nivea For Men products regularly $3.49-$8.99
25% off
Extreme Comfort Shave Gel regularly $3.99 --> 25% off = $2.99
-$4/2 Nivea For Men Extreme Comfort Shave Gel .exp 08/31/08 RP 06/08/08
= $1.98 for 2

Bic Comfort 3 Disposable Razors. 4 ct., $2.99
$2.00/1 MQ 7.20.08 RP = $0.99 cost

Advil Caplets & Tablets 20-24ct
-$2 Advil 20ct+ .exp 08/31/08 RP 07/13/08
= $.99

Suave Shampoo/Conditioner 15oz
-$2/3 Suave products .exp 10/05/08 RP 07/13/08
= $.97 for 3
Printable $1 off Suave conditioner, hairspray or styling gel when you buy one Suave shampoo.

Ghiradelli bar
-$.75 Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar 3oz+ .exp 08/31/08 SS 05/04/08
= $.75 each

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