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april wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 04/03/19 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
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centrum silver 100-125 ct, 50+ gummy, omega or probiotic $5 off

citrucel $5 off

conair weight watchers scale $10 off

emergen-c 30 ct+ $5 off

finish $2 off

gas-x $3 off

hellmann's or best foods mayonnaise 30 oz $3.50 off

icy hot with licocaine $3 off

lysol $1 off

preparation h $3 off

rainbow light women's or men's one multivitamin $6.50 off

renew life women's 25b 50 ct or extra care 50b 30 ct $10 off

rite aid dry mouth lozenges 30 ct $2 off

rite aid unisex protective underwear 32-40 ct $8 off

russell stover sugar free candy 3 oz $2 off

tums 28-160 ct $2.50 off

vivarin caffeine gum 8 ct $2 off

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