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wellness+ bonus cash

  • rite aid customers now earn bonus cash instead of plenti points on certain promoted products.
    bonus cash is automatically loaded to wellness+ or plenti card

  • bonus cash may be redeemed at rite aid stores or riteaid.com starting 6 am the day after it is earned.

    according to a leaked store memo...

    starting 04/16/18, customers will be prompted on the pin pad to choose whether to use BonusCash or save it for later.

    Rewards are currently automatically deducted on purchases before any coupons are applied. but according to a store memo, rite aid intends to change this so that bonus cash can be applied after coupons have been deducted.

    In the meantime, cashiers have been instructed in a store memo that they may wait to scan the customer's card until after scanning coupons as a workaround.

    currently bonus cash can only be redeemed in the denominations it was earned in. for example, if you completed two deals where you earned $10 & $3 in bonus cash, you can redeem $3, $10, or $13 on a transaction, but no other increments.

    according to a new store memo...

    we will be able to spend bonus cash in any dollar amount starting 04/16/18!

    Bonus Cash cannot be used for tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets, licenses, prepaid cards, gift cards, money orders, money transfers, stamps, other mail services, items distributed by RediClinic™; prescriptions (including co-pays) filled in Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, or Washington, and items prohibited by law.

  • bonus cash expires in 60 days

  • plenti pts can still be redeemed, until 07/10/18.
    although we no longer earn plenti pts at rite aid, any points you already have (or earn elsewhere) may still be redeemed at rite aid. on 07/10/18 the plenti program will end altogether and any unredeemed points will be lost.

This is a memo corporate reportedly sent to stores on 01/19/18...

This is another store memo reportedly sent to stores in april 2018...

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