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february wellness+ wednesday coupons, valid 02/01/17 only

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wellness+ wednesday coupons
valid 02/01/17 only!
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align 24/28 ct $10 off

always discreet liners 30-48 ct or pads 16-20 ct $2 off

aubio cold sore gel $10 off

bausch + lomb ocuvite 50+ 90 ct $10 off

bausch + lomb soothe xp eye drops .5 oz $5 off

bayer aspirin 100-120 ct $3 off

bob's sweet stripe gusseted bag 25 oz $4 off

boost high protein or original 6 pk $4 off

cerave ointment 12 oz $10 off

coricidin hbp $3 off

fixodent $2 off

gillette & venus disposable razors $3 off

hershey's cookie layer crunch pouches $2 off

i-caps eye vitamins $10 off

lipton tea bags 24 ct, black tea 100 ct, green tea 40, or decaf tea 50 ct $2 off

metamucil 72 dose $3 off

mylanta gas chewable tablets 50 ct $4 off

nature's truth turmeric and black pepper 60 ct $5 off

olay regenerist microsculpting cream 1.7 oz $10 off

prilosec 28 ct $6 off

scope mouthwash 1 liter $1 off

systane or genteal tears dry eye product $5 off

tena overnight underwear $7 off

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