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03/17/14 my trip today: nabisco, reach, & more

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saved 89%
cost: $2.62

i bought:
    reach toothbrush 2 ct + 1 free $2.99
    reach toothbrush 2 ct + 1 free $2.99
    snickers® peanut butter squared 1.78 oz $.75
    snickers® peanut butter squared 1.78 oz $.75
    snickers® peanut butter squared 1.78 oz $.75
    snickers® peanut butter squared 1.78 oz $.75
    ritz bits 8.8 oz $3
    ritz fresh stacks 11.8 oz $3
    triscuit 9 oz $3
    triscuit 9 oz $3
    kotex u thin liners 18 ct $1.19 (reg $1.49 - 20% gold discount)
    nutri-grain fruit crunch granola bars 10 ct $1.07 (clearance 75% off)
= $23.24

used coupons:= $11.74 + $.88 tax

paid $12.62 oop


spent $12.62 oop
earned $10 ($9 +up + $1 checkout51 offer)
cost $2.62
saved 89%
earned 23 wellness+ points

i was surprised that a load2card coupon for $1.50 came off one of my reach items. the $2 paper coupon still came off but is listed at the end. i couldn't find the $1.50 coupon under my redeemed or clipped load2card offers, so i'm not sure exactly what it was for. i still clip every load2card coupon, but i don't count on them working. i just look at it as an unexpected bonus when they do!

the ad shows the reach toothbrush deal for 1 ct only, but as others have reported the 2 packs are included and if you buy those you can use the $2 coupon! if your store has the 2 pks that include a 3rd toothbrush free like i did, those are included also!

check your food aisle for 75% off clearance tags - i saw some on apple sauce, cereal, and granola bars today.

* i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
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