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video values 12/2012

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rite aid video values

december's videos will be available to watch
from 12/02-12/29
coupons expire 01/12

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    Abreva Conceal 6 ct $1.50 off

    Air Wick National Parks or Changing Color Candle $1 off 2

    Almay Smart Shade Cosmetics $2 off

    Arctic Ease $2 off

    "as seen on tv" Aluma Wallet $2 off

    "as seen on tv" Bright Light Pillows $3 off

    "as seen on tv" Dream Lites $4 off

    "as seen on tv" Finishing Touch Smile Tooth Whitening Pen $2 off

    "as seen on tv" Olde Brooklyn Lantern $1 off

    "as seen on tv" OrGREENic Frying Pan 9.5" $2 off

    Brita Grand Green 10 Cup Pitcher, Ultramax Dispenser, or Filter 5 pk $3.50 off

    Children's Tylenol $1 off

    Dove Hair Care $2 off 2

    Ester-C $1 off

    FlavoRX Flavoring for Children's Liquid Medication FREE ($2.99 value)

    Hershey's Kisses Holiday bags $1 off 2

    Ice Breaker Mints $.50 off 2

    iD Gum by Stride 14 ct $.25 off

    mucinex dm $1.50 off

    Nature Made Fish Oil $1 off

    NicoDerm CQ 14 ct $5 off

    Nicorette gum 100-170 ct $5 off

    Nicorette Lozenge or mini Lozenge $5 off

    Osteo Bi-Flex $3 off

    Reese's Holiday bags $1 off 2

    Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter $1 off

    revlon ColorSilk & Luminista Hair Color $1.50 off

    revlon ColorStay Overtime Lengthening Mascara and Smoky Shadow Sticks $1 off

    Ritz $.75 off

    SensatioNail Starter Kit $10 off

    Snapple 64 oz $1 off 2

    Stride Gum 14 ct $.25 off

    vicks vaporizer v150 1.5 gallon $5 off

    Walkers Shortbread $1 off 2

    Welch's 10 oz 4 pk $.25 off

Beth Taylor, AdPerk

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