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06/02 my trip today: gerber, oreos, & milk

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saved 12%
cost: $7.58

i bought:
    gerber apple juice 32 oz $3.03 ($3.79 - 20% discount)
    gerber white grape juice 32 oz $1.89 (clearance)
    nabisco oreos 2 oz $.63 ($.79 - 20% discount)
    milk gallon $3.03 ($3.79 - 20% discount)
= $8.58

used coupons: =$7.58

paid with:
    $6 +up
    $1.58 oop
spent $7.58 ($6 +up + $1.58 oop)
cost $7.58
saved 12%
earned 9 wellness+ points

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(microsoft excel or open office required)

i bought the gerber to finish scr $2 for $5 wyb $15 gerber food and juice. i needed $4.98 more, but i forgot to take my discount into account and these only came to $4.92 so i'm still $.06 short! i will have to pick up another gerber item. that's ok, we still have until 6/06 6/05 to finish may rebates.

the oreo cookies & milk coupon is great if you need to buy milk anyway! i was going to get another of the 5.25 oz oreos that are on sale for $1 this week instead of the single serve but they didn't have any left.

* i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here
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