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06/02 my trip today: pur, simplify soda, & milk

cost: $11.10

i bought:
    pur faucet filter $11.89 ($16.99 - 30% off sale)
    simplify soda $.80 ($1 - 20% discount)
    bottle deposit $.05
    milk $1.99 ($2.49 - 20% discount)

used coupons:= $10.73 + $.42 tax

paid with:
    $9.99 +up
    $1.16 oop

will receive:
    $.05 bottle deposit

spent $11.15 - .05 deposit = $11.10

download spreadsheet for this transaction
(microsoft excel or open office required)

notes:i started working on another pur deal (no limit on this one)

i miscalculated this one, when using the $3/$15 coupon your total should be at least $15 before tax is added. i was a little short!

i have the wellness gold+ discount - after earning 1000 points wellness+ cardholders receive 20% off. customer will receive the lower of the discount price or sale price. read more here