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heart healthy 01/23 - 03/26

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      afrin 15 ml
      alli starter kit 90 ct
      bayer aspirin low dose 81 mg 108-200 ct, 325 mg 50-200 ct, women's 60 ct, back & body 50-100 ct, or am 50 ct
      benefiber 48-62 dose, tablets 100 ct, packets 28 ct
      centrum cardio 60 ct
      centrum ultra silver men or women 100 ct
      citrucel caplets 100 ct, powder 30 oz, or sugar free 16.9 oz
      colgate total advanced toothpaste
      ecotrin 81 mg 365 ct
      ex-lax 48 ct
      gas-x extra strength softgels or prevention 50 ct
      listerine antiseptic mouthwash 1 liter
      metamucil 114 or 72 dose, or caplets 100 or 160 ct
      nature made cholestoff 120 ct
      nature made coq10 100 mg 60+12 ct all nature made coq10 included!
      nature made fish oil odorless 150 ct all nature made fish oil included!
      nature made vitamin d 2000iu 90 ct or 1000iu 100 ct
      nature's bounty coq10 200 mg 30 ct
      nature's bounty fish oil 1200 mg or 1000 mg 100 ct
      ocuvite adult 50+ or gels 50 ct
      one a day men's or women's 100 ct
      one a day weight smart 50 ct
      one touch ultra 2 blood glucose monitor
      preservision lutein sg 120 ct
      rite aid blood pressure wrist monitor
      rite aid true result blood glucose monitor
      viactiv milk chocolate 500+d 60 ct

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